Guidance In Your Equipping Process

Neil Vermillion —  March 26, 2019 —  Comments

While there may be confusion and deception in the days in which you are now living, this season will come to an end. The events in this world will shake all the institutions and establishments. All things will be shaken, which will introduce a new season of transition. Do not fear the shaking, for this will surely come. Do not worry about how things will turn out for you, for I have taken this into account and have made a way for you already. (1)

In the times of shaking, all things will be brought to surface. Things previously hidden in darkness will come to the light. Hearts will become provoked, irritated, and offended as secrets come out in to the open. Questions will demand to be answered, and many people will be held accountable for their errors, but also willful negligence. It is in these very moments in which my beloved Bride will begin to shine. As these things shake, as hearts become perplexed, and people are demanding answers, my Bride will be in the middle of all this mess to do her part in the great labor of reconciliation and transition. (2)

The wisdom I have given you will be brought forth, as the preparation you have gone through begins to make sense in the context of the events occurring in your present timeline. All these things will come quickly. Even those with listening ears will be alarmed, even those with watchful eyes will be surprised. It will come like a thief in the night, for no one knows the day, nor the hour.

But the beauty of it all will be shown boldly and clearly for all to see. The beauty of my plans, ways, methods, and glory will all be put forth on display for the world to know and understand. The time of great awakening is surely at hand, just as the time of great adventure is surely knocking at your door. Whether you are ready or not, it is coming, and has already come. Those who will receive my wisdom will make themselves ready. Those who ignore me will find themselves ill prepared at best. (3)

While many want to explore deeper revelation and acquire more understanding as a means of preparation for what is at hand, and what is coming, know I will guide you on your behalf. I will move you in the right direction, at the right time so you will not need to worry, nor concern yourself with your individual role in your contribution to the greater collective. The desire to explore deeper revelation is good, and I want you to foster this habit within your lifestyle, but know in development of your pursuit of revelation I will guide you in the direction you need to travel, so you will find your path and do your part to fulfill your role within the body. So know as things are being presented to you, I am guiding you to equip you for your preparation and participation. (4)

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