Guiding You Into More Truth

Neil Vermillion —  August 30, 2016 —  Comments

I will come to you again and again and will reveal to you all I have in store for you. As I reveal my plans for your future, I will also reveal where you are right now. I will also reveal who you are right now. I will grant you the needed discernment to bridge the gap in your understanding so you can cooperate more fully, more sincerely, with less hesitancy, less uncertainty.

I will reveal the direction in which you are presently heading, but I will also reveal the destination I have in store for you. And as I do, you will see and understand the gaps in your timelines. You will see and understand the gaps in your knowledge and experience. You will see and understand the gaps in all your resources as my spirit of wisdom and understanding continues to reveal all these things to you.

And as you perceive these gaps do not be afraid. Do not hide yourself from me. Do not shrink back in fear. Do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. For all I will reveal to you is for the purpose of understanding to liberate you. My plans are to bring you to greater freedom, not to shame, criticize, or embarrass you. So as my light continues to shine, and you discern and observe with greater detail and clarity the obstacles and problems before you, do not hide yourself. Do not be tempted to run away.

Instead, draw yourself close to me, for I will not reject you. I will not turn you away. I will not condemn you, but will celebrate the good work already started within you, and will remain faithful to see it through to its completion. So understand, my discernment and my understanding are my gifts to you. And with this in mind, embrace all that I show you, even though it may be unpalatable initially. For though it may be bitter at first taste, the truth it brings will become sweet to you as it grows and bears fruit in your life.

And as you receive, embrace, and adopt all I show you today, know I will remain with you and continue to guide you into more and more truth. I will not leave you. I will not abandon you. I will not deceive or trick you, but will continue to remain open and accessible to you in all things, in all trials, in all days. And in doing so I will also make myself known to you and you will lack no good thing. I will remain with you and will stay with you until the very end of it all.

And we will abide together in perfect unity and harmony, as we share details day by day in the bliss and happiness of our union and fellowship together. We will walk and overcome all your obstacles. We will understand and discern all the gaps in your path. We will grow and work to manifest The Truth already in you, working little by little, day by day.

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