Guiding Your Attention To What Is Important

Neil Vermillion —  February 15, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
Do not concern yourself with small, irrelevant details. There are things you will encounter that will potentially confuse and distract you if you allow them to. If you apply your energy and attention to that which does not matter these things will introduce blurriness to your vision. So be aware, and be alert, but also remain focused. Allow me to guide you and speak to you. I will show you what is a real priority and what is not. I will what is important, things that are important, people and relationships that are important, and I will also show you what is not.

With this understanding of what is important, and what is not important, you will save so much. You will avoid wasting time. You will avoid so much heart ache. You will avoid so much trouble. You will avoid so much confusion along the way. Allow me to speak to you in your daily routine regarding your priorities, your schedule, and your events. Allow me to steer you in the direction you desire, the direction I have for you, the place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

As I continue to guide you and show you all these things, do not shrink back when you discover the path I have for you is different than the path you have chosen for yourself. Do not be surprised, and do not cower. For I will take you the most excellent, most efficient, most noble path possible. So understand, this path will not always look good by your own estimation and assessment, according to your own standards.

So trust in my guidance. Develop your inner hearing so you will be able to recognize my voice. Develop your eye so you can see my hand in situations and circumstances. Develop your heart so you can feel the emotions I am imparting and revealing to you. Open yourself up to me totally and completely. I will continue to reveal myself to you and you will know me more and more – even more than you originally thought possible. And as you continue to remain open to my spirit’s influence in your life, you will become supremely confident in my guidance. You will be certain you hear my voice when I speak to you. You will discern between your own desires and the unction of my spirit, and will do so with clarity and accuracy.

This discernment, certainty, and confidence will allow you to make the right choices, and travel the right path. This certainty will enable you to walk the path I have outlined for you, and it will save you so much along the way. The certainty is spawned from your relationship with me. And this certainty will enable you to understand when I speak to you. You will hear my voice and know. You will understand when I show you signs, for you will see it an discern. You will receive my heart, for your heart will be responsive and will be moved. And in all these things you will know me, and I will speak, and I will guide you.

As you continue to allow my leadership in your life to have free reign within you, you will also learn to ignore what is unimportant, though it may be practical, logical, and familiar. You will accept my discernment and revelation, and it will save you so much. It will save your heart, it will save your time, it will save your finances. It will save you and keep you in so many ways. And it will require strength and courage to follow. But I will supply them both to those who recognize and follow my voice. Likewise I will guide to you to the paths of greatness and goodness for my name’s sake. I will guide you and protect you and keep you safe, and do so in ways you cannot perceive.

Do not give yourself over to the influence of distractions and diversions, things of no lasting consequence, but allow me to guide your attention and energy to what matters, what is important. In doing so, you will gain so much and grow exponentially over the course of time.

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