Hear And Understand What I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  September 26, 2018 —  Comments

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Do not be afraid to embrace the very thing I am giving and saying to you, even if it is nothing. Do not be afraid you will miss my words. Do not be afraid you will miss my plans. Do not be afraid all these things are up to you to perform or complete, but receive what I have for you in the moment, from one day to the next, from one season to the next. Do not be anxious, do not look to your own strength or capacity, but look to me and allow me to be God in your life.

When you are angry allow my perspective of values to supersede the instance of the day. Allow my values and my perspective to offer understanding for your situation, so you will no longer carry the burden of anger, but can enjoy the peace of my spirit. Enjoy the life I have for you, and partake with me in all the advantages I have made available to you.

When you are anxious, especially about your future, remember my words, remember my heart, remember my plans for you. Do not lean on your own understanding, nor your own interpretation, but allow me to guide you, but also spark the revelation you will need for this moment, and especially the moments yet to come. My peace will surpass your knowledge and understanding. My peace will surpass you own expectations, and your own ability to understand.

Do not look to your own strength, but look to mine. Do not look to your own wisdom, but look to mine. Do not look to your own plans, your own goals, or your own agenda, but allow me to guide you and reveal all these things to you both in the here and now, as well as the days in your future too. Allow me to lighten your load so you will be free to engage with me without reservation. Allow me to make it plain to you, so you can hear what I have to say, and understand what I am revealing to you, even in, and especially when, it is nothing at all.

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