Your Heart Will Grow In Confidence And Eager Anticipation

Neil Vermillion —  March 14, 2017 —  Comments

There are many desires placed deep within the core of who you are that have been given to you by me. I have planted so many desires, and so many plans yet to be awakened and activated, that it will stagger your consideration if you saw them all at once. As you sit with me you will come to know and understand and apprehend how truly and completely limitless I am. For in all my ways I have no limits, not even when it comes to relating and dealing with my children. So know, though you have plans and desires yet to be fulfilled, I have already conceived plans and have already initiated processes to call them forth.

So relax and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the process and enjoy what I have given you this day. Do not look to tomorrow and do not stress, worry, or strive, for I have already taken care of, not only what you perceive as problems, but also the solutions to problems you’ve not yet detected or perceived. Trust in me, and do not look to your own understanding. For in all your ways, as you continue to acknowledge me I will guide you and keep you on track.

I will guide you and keep your foot on the straight and narrow. I do these things because I love you and because these are my good plans for you already. I do not worry, nor toil in stress, and neither do the birds of the air, so why would you believe you should be any different? Instead, rest and trust, and know all good things will come about in their due process over the course of time. And in doing so, your heart will remain alive and will grow in its capacity to not only receive love, but give love too. Allow me to germinate the seeds of the ideas in the imagination already planted within you. Allow me to spark the fire into a flame, and allow this flame to burn.

For in doing so, my fire will not only consume your life, your habits, and your circumstances, but will also consume and eliminate the dross and minutia of the day, burning up the chaff, leaving only the wheat. For I am an all consuming fire, and I will finish the good work I have already started within you. Trust in the reality that not even your own resistance is sufficient in stopping or inhibiting me. Not even your ignorance, or outright rebellion, is sufficient in blocking the many great things in store for you.

So do not worry, you are worth many sparrows, and not even a single one of them falls to the ground without my knowledge. If I know these little things, that are here today and gone tomorrow, why would I not also have given great care, and concern, and provision to important matters and details in your life? Trust in me, and you will not be disappointed, for you will see what I am capable of, and will see my nature, and will see my plans concerning you. And as you do, your heart will grow in confidence and eager anticipation as the events of tomorrow unfold before your eyes.

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