Your Heart Will Remain Secure

Neil Vermillion —  October 20, 2016 —  Comments

And I will make all things new again. I will take the broken pieces and mend them together, and when I do, they will be better than new. I will take the things that have been lost and restore them to better than their original condition. I will recover what has been stolen away, and bring it back to life, and it will be better than its previous state. I will take all these things, all that has been lost, broken, stolen, or damaged and collect them together, restore them, and make them better than new.

For my heart for redemption burns with an unquenchable heat. My heart for restoration knows no sleep. I will redeem what the locusts and caterpillars have eaten, and will give it back to you, and your heart will forget the sorrow and disappointment of yesterday. My heart for restoration is greater than the loss you have experienced, though it is very real. So look past your present situation and circumstance, and put your hope and trust in me, in my word, in my plans, and in my promises. For I will take all these things and make them better than new, and you will experience the joy of your youth.

And my great compassion will meet you where you are, and you will see me as I am. For I will reveal myself to you, and you will see me plainly, no longer obstructed by a veil. You will see me and come to know me face to face, and my heart’s desire will be fulfilled, just as your heart’s desires will also be fulfilled. For I will take you close to me, and you will know me as the Great Redeemer. You will know me and experience me, and you will forget your sorrows and heartache, as they fade in the memory of what used to be, as I continually renew your strength, hope, and joy in this present day.

For my love for you is great. It is so great you cannot comprehend it, though you desire to know it. And though you want to grasp all I have for you, know I will continually draw you to deeper waters, opening and revealing my truth to you in loving kindness as we continue to fellowship together in perfect unity and harmony. So allow me to govern your heart and allow me to synchronize the circumstances in your life so you will come to know me more fully, without confusion, misunderstanding, or obstruction.

I will speak and you will hear, and the days of your confusion will be forgotten as you sit by my side, and enjoy the warmth of my loving embrace. For in our closeness together you will know all things, even what is yet to come. I will speak and you will hear, and you will know what is in my heart and what is in my plan for you. And as you know these things your heart will remain secure, forgetting the insecurity and instability that used to be so familiar to you in days past.

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