Your Heart Will Remain Strong Again

Neil Vermillion —  June 30, 2016 —  Comments

As you cast your worries and frets and fears upon my shoulders I will overwhelm you with my goodness. I will lift your burdens and will allow you to float on the majesty of the goodness of my great love for you. For I see your tiredness. I see your heartache. I see your worries and the things that bother you. I see these things, and my heart aches alongside yours. For I am nearer than you think. I am closer than you think I am. I am involved and aware of all things in your life even though you do not always perceive it.

But when you are tired, and feel lost, feel hopeless, feel abandoned, feel incapable and trapped, allow me to speak to you. For I will revive your heart. I will give you fresh inspiration. I will provide you with the hope and desire to fuel your motivation. I will supply you with all you are lacking and will illuminate your footpath so you can see your direction clearly. For my heart for you is great, but so also is my strength. So allow me to revive you when you are weak. Allow me to inspire you when you are ready to give up. Allow me to press you past your circumstances into a greater realization of our union together.

For in doing so you will see your life from a distant perspective, allowing you to observe your pains, and obstacles, differently. And from this different perspective you will no longer feel overwhelmed, defeated, or confused. You will see the obstacles, but you will also see the solution to them. And with this perspective you will be able to clearly shift your attention and focus to the answer and solution, no longer being overwhelmed by the problems of the day.

For when you are weak I am strong. When you are tired I will revive you. When you have lost your way I will guide you. When you have forgotten my words and my promises I will remind you, and your heart will remain strong again.

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