Your Heart Will Rest And Remain Secure

Neil Vermillion —  September 30, 2016 —  Comments

In your distress know I am still with you. Know I have never left you, and never will. In your stress I will guide you, and will answer the confusion, hurt, and anger in your heart. I know the things you struggle against, and I know what it is like for you. My heart is moved with compassion, to bring you close to my side where you will find your refuge. As you turn to me in your times of greatest need you will find I am there already, waiting to receive you.

So do not hesitate to enjoy the closeness and fellowship we have together. Do not feel as though there is a distance between us, for nothing will separate you from my perfect love. Even though you may not feel my closeness, we are so very close and nothing will ever change this for we have been joined together permanently. In your times of confusion and despair, know I am with you still, and am your refuge in which you can trust.

I will renew you day after day, long after your strength has been depleted. Cast your concerns and worries on to me and I will inspire your heart and you will look at your situation with a clean perspective. And in doing so, your hope will also be renewed and you will be recharged, able to endeavor once again, without carrying the unnecessary burdens and worries of the day. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light, so trade your heartache and discouragement for my joy, hope, and peace, knowing I have so much in store for you today, as well as tomorrow.

And you will taste and see I am good. You will see and know first hand how extravagant is my great love for you. And your heart will follow no other, but will remain devoted to me, just as I am devoted to you. You will not waver, nor doubt, for you will have experienced my unrelenting faithfulness when you have needed it most. And in this experience and truth your heart will rest and remain secure.

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