My Heart For You Will Be Revealed

Neil Vermillion —  September 27, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to listen to my voice I will continue to speak to you. As you move in the direction I have shown you, you will continue to accelerate faster and faster. In many ways, both great and small, you will encounter my power as you continue to follow my will for your life. And though you will encounter my heart you will be surprised how different reality is when contrast against your own imagination.

For there are layers upon layers of interpretation available to you, but I will show you which to choose. There are options after options possible, but I will instruct you which to avoid. And in this way you will experience me not only as your provider, but also as your protective shepherd. For I will guide you and protect you as you continue through your journey. And you will have all your needs met, as you abide in the safety of my care.

I will take you near to me and you will realize you are safe. And in this place of safety your heart will not wander to foreign waters, but will be satisfied with all I have for you. You will experience the peace of your safety, remaining in the very center of your refuge now, and forever. And I will take your cares and worries and will wipe them away. And the concerns and issues that bring you trouble will be met and dealt with, remembered no more. I will take care of you in every way possible, every way imaginable, and even more. I will take care of all circumstances and details concerning and involving you, and you will know and experience me intimately as your loving shepherd.

As you grow in your knowledge and experience of me your heart will no longer grow restless, but will abide in perfect peace, knowing I am with you always and in all things. You will hear me and see me. You will feel my presence so very close to you, and your heart will rest in safety. I will affirm you and inspire you, and my heart for you will be revealed as I draw you close in personal fellowship, day after day.

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