Your Heart Will Be Secure

Neil Vermillion —  April 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you come with me, and build your history with me, you will come to experience my peace in all things. And in this experience of my perfect peace you will learn to relax. You will learn to let go of stress, and trauma, and anxiety, for you will know you are free to abide in joy, peace, and confidence like a little child. You will know I am with you, and you will know I have worked all things together on your behalf. You will not just know this in your mind, but will realize this in your heart, for I will not just speak it to you, but will also reveal it to you through experience.

And in this way, the thoughts clouding your heart and mind will begin to fade away. You will gain insight to details you could not previously perceive. I will remove the fog in your heart as you accept my loving patience and faithfulness. So allow yourself to experience me, and drink from the cup of my fulfillment. For you will be set free, not as a result of your labor and striving, but as a result of realizing I have made you free already.

In this freedom you will let go of your questions, and your stress, and your confusion, and simply abide with me in unity and harmony. As you do you will experience presence in significant ways that will circumvent your understanding, impacting your heart directly, awakening you from the inside out.

You will begin to perceive yourself as more free, more alive, having all kinds of joys and opportunities made available to you already. And as you see this, the perception of yourself, and the world around you, will also begin to shift and change. For you will see my activity and involvement your life day after day, again and again, and your heart will be secure.

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