Hope Through Fellowship

Neil Vermillion —  April 21, 2016 —  Comments

Even though you do not see the end, and you do not have hope, know I am with you still. Though you do not always perceive it or feel it, hope is there for in my presence hope abides with us. There is a greater hope alive within you, even this very day. As you find yourself in a blizzard surrounded with so many options you cannot distinguish one from another, know I am with you still.

And in the fellowship we enjoy together, my peace is also available to you. For in this world you will surely encounter difficulties. You will surely encounter hardships and delays. But even in these times draw on me without hindrance, for as you do you will find me in new and delightful ways. You will discover my nature in greater measure than you thought possible in years past. For not only am I with you in all things, but I have also provided my fellowship and my peace to you as well. So abide with me in the union of our friendship together, and know I will never leave you, never abandon you, never forget you, and never cast you to the side.

For you are my Dearest, and my heart is moved by the slightest attention from you. Though you sometimes think and feel I am uninvolved in your life, know this is not true. For every little detail in your life catches my attention. I am ever-watching, ever-waiting to be with you right where you are. For my love for you is great, and my mercies for you are never ending. So when you feel you need me most cry out to me knowing I hear you, I receive you, I am with you in every single moment in your life, whether big or small.

When you feel no hope, and when you are surrounded with confusion on every side, know I am with you. Know you have my peace. Know you have my love and my approval. For there is nothing in this world that will separate us. Nothing in all creation is able to separate you from my love. So in spite of sorrows, delays, setbacks, and failures, know we are joined together in union and fellowship every minute of every day.

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