Hope Will Flood Your Heart

Neil Vermillion —  November 9, 2016 —  Comments

Embrace my process, though it is confusing at times, and do not let confusion distract you or discourage you. Do not allow chaos and confusion to introduce doubt, as if you are doing something wrong, or as if I have abandoned you. For I am with you in all things, and will always be with you. I have not forgotten you, and I never will. So in spite of your circumstances, and in spite of your questions, continue to walk with me, and trust in me in all things, for I will remain with you always, helping you day after day.

I will continue to illuminate your steps, and will bring speedy remedy. I will bring restitution and redemption for you, and will do so quickly. For I have seen the damage done. I have seen the aftermath of the storm. I have seen what has been stolen, broken, and damaged, but I will not leave it this way. I will redeem all these things, and your heart will come alive as you remember.

As you begin to experience the redemption from my hand you will be revived. Your heart will come alive in ways you would have never considered. Your spark for life will return, and you will remember your troubles no more. Hope will flood your heart, and you will no longer waver or doubt, but will enjoy the day in which you live, no longer yearning for “some day” to arrive.

So open up your heart, knowing I am with you. Do not resist me, or my process, or my timing, but embrace all these things I have set before you. For all these things are working for your greater good, which will all be revealed to you in greater measure and capacity than you could ever know. Cast your cares on to me, and allow me to bring healing for you today, even as you continue to wait for the total and complete redemption and restoration of all things.

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