How Will You Choose

Neil Vermillion —  January 5, 2016 —  Comments

What has been set before you? As you survey the landscape, what do you see? As you survey the landscape, how will you advance to the other side? What do you see before you? What are the thoughts and plans brewing within you? What do you see, and where are you going?

For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you. And I know your thoughts and plans as well. I know where you have come from, and I know where you are going. I see the many doorways set before you. I see the doors open, and I see the doors that have been closed. And not only do I see all the doors, but I also see what lies waiting on the other side of each and every door. And not only do I understand fully what lies behind each door, but I also know the perfect timing of each door as well.

So tell me, what door would you open? What door would you close? What door would you ignore, and what door would you give yourself fully to its pursuit? For there are many options open before you. There are many options, but not all of them are optimal. There are many things permissible, but not all are beneficial. So tell me, in your planning, and dreaming, and assessing which direction will you go, and when will you go there?

In what sequence will you work your plans? In what day will you wait, and what day will you work. What hour will you rest, and what hour will you listen? For in many ways you are caught in a blizzard of choices and options. So tell me, in the sea of possibilities where will you go, and when will you get there?

How will you assess what is most beneficial? How will you determine what to prioritize one over another? How will you measure your progress, success, and growth? What are the things you are looking at to determine and decide these things?

For in this time of planning, there are many presumptions within you. There are many assumptions you hold in your own heart, though you are not even aware of them. There are so many things before you, but which will you choose? There are so many paths, but which is the best path for you in this season, on this day, at this hour?

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