How Will You Respond To My Perfect Love For You?

Neil Vermillion —  July 17, 2015 —  Comments

For I have called you, and even commanded you, to love all. And though you want to do so, you attempt to do so in your own power, as if your love would be sufficient. But I have put this before you knowing it is not possible for you to do it on your own. I know you cannot do it. It is only through my perfect love, in receiving it, living it, abiding in it, and demonstrating it to others, that you will ever be able to embody the fullness of this command. You cannot do it apart from me, but only through me, with me, in me.

For my love will be your strength. And you will be able to love your enemies the way I love them, the way I want you to love them. You will be able to love without hesitation, without thought of what it will cost you. My love through you will set you free from conventional norms and will move like a tsunami throughout the Earth. For my love for you is great, and the message I have for you is equally great.

This message will ignite hearts, and will turn the institutions of man upside down. For there is surely coming many days of great shaking. And my love will break in and not only engulf the shaking, but will be the very impetus behind it. My love will be the catalyst that will initiate these great shakings. So do not hide from it. Do not hide from it, or attempt to protect yourself from it, or preserve your former way of living. For my glory and my love will cover the Earth and it will be inescapable.

But the real question of the hour will be how you will respond. How will you respond to my love. As the zeal and fury and passion of my love continues to grow and increase, how will you respond to my great zeal as it manifests throughout the Earth shaking all that can be shaken? How will you respond to this fire unmatched? For it will scare, unnerve, and alarm those who have placed me in a little box, believing I am small, weak, powerless, or uninvolved.

And when I interrupt the status quo, and intervene in the affairs of your day to day living, how will you respond to my perfect love then? For it will be a surprise to those who are sleeping, and when they are awakened it will not be a pleasant surprise, though it will be a good one. And when the interruptions and disruptions become increasingly more and more extreme, and increasingly more and more frequent, how will you respond.

How will you respond to my perfect love for you?

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