Hurts And Disappointments Are Forgotten

Neil Vermillion —  March 31, 2016 —  Comments

Your heart will be touched, for you will see crooked paths made straight. Your heart will be moved for you will discern calamities you have been spared. Your heart will be inspired for you will perceive the destruction that missed you. You will swim in the vastness of my mercy, and will do so repeatedly as though you have never tasted disappointment.

I will restore your years, and all that has been taken or broken. I will make your heart new. I will renew not your vision, but your enthusiasm to pursue it. I will renew not your strength, but your zeal to endeavor. I will renew not your perseverance, but you fortitude and purpose.

For I will sing to you in the night season, when you feel you have lost your way and have no hope left. You will hear my songs in the night hour and you will hope again. You will hear your redemption come to pass, not only at a distance but also close enough to taste, experience, and possess it.

In this way you will come to know my great redemption. For I love to redeem, restore, and rebuild. You will come to know and experience this part of me for all the things stolen in your life. And your hope for tomorrow will grow as your hurts and disappointments are forgotten.

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