I Am Awakening Remembrance Within You

Neil Vermillion —  February 4, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to observe all I am doing in your life today also take a moment to reflect where you have come from too. For this is a time of rapid advancement, a time to move forward, a time to occupy the land you have been moving towards for so long now. But though this is a time to be present and future-minded, also consider from where you have come. For in this consideration and reflection you will have a better perspective and understanding where you are going.

I am highlighting key memories today. I am awakening remembrance within you. I am causing you to examine isolated events and experiences and your past and awakening revelation and understanding as I do. And in this awakening and highlighting of memories and past experiences I am assembling pieces to the puzzle of your life. Though you do not possess the full assembly at this present moment, you will possess a greater collection, spawning greater understanding and appreciation within you.

In your enthusiasm of today, and in your excitement of what I am doing in this present day and hour, do not be hasty. Do not advance so quickly you overlook revelation from your memories I am unearthing within you.

I am not shaking you for no reason.

As you sit with me and allow me to guide your memories you will see how my hand has been active in your past. You will see my fingerprints in events you did not see before. You will perceive my attention to detail in ways you were not able to perceive before. You will grasp mysteries from your past that previously you could not bear to grasp.

While this may seem paradoxical to you, causing you to remember specifics from your past while you are presently experiencing advancement and acceleration, know this is my doing and it is a blessing to you.

Embrace what I am bringing to your recollection. Embrace my breath as I whisper into your ear and speak the sweetness of bitter, difficult, and confusing memories. For as I whisper to you, your heart will be renewed, and your hope will be restored. Your appreciation and understanding will be refined, and you will see with clarity and precision. You will see through the fog of years past and will walk with me hand in hand in greater confidence, greater excitement, greater anticipation for our future together.

Your confidence in me will be increased as you examine the details I reveal to you. And simultaneously your confidence in yourself will be decreased. You will see how I have worked on your behalf even though you were unaware of what I was doing. You will see how I have worked all these things on your behalf, for your benefit, even though you had no idea what was going on, or why it was happening. And with this perspective you will not continue to place your trust in your own understanding. You will not continue to trust in your own ability to discern. You will not put hope in your own strength to follow and obey. Instead, you will let go of striving and allow yourself to trust in greater measure, greater capacity than you have before. In letting go of your own understanding, and your own confidence, you will increase in your trust of me.

This is a strategic, key time for you. This is a time of unveiling many perspectives you have seen, but have not understood. And in this unveiling you will walk in greater confidence, and greater humility too. So embrace this time. Embrace and accept the memories I bring to you. Embrace the revelation and understanding I am pouring upon you. For in doing so, you will discard your burdens and enjoy the confidence in all the things I have made available to you already.

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