I Am Loving You Through All Things

Neil Vermillion —  December 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

I know you feel short on time, as though the journey will never end no matter how long you travel. I know you feel short on resource, as though you have made no progress no matter how long and hard you have labored. I know you feel short in experience, as though you have only just begun to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in order to succeed and thrive. In these moments, come to me so you can find your rest. Come to me so you will not continue to carry the weight of these burdens any longer.

For though you mean well, these burdens will burn you out. They will weigh you down past the point you are able to continue. So receive the lightness of my yoke for you. For it is my great desire to lift your heaviness and give you my joy in exchange for your heartache and sorrow. I will take the rubbish you find yourself surrounded with, and exchange it for the treasures of my palace. And in this exchange your heart will be made alive and restored, and you will begin to dream again, like you did when you were a child, before you had been indoctrinated with the mindset of today’s culture and perceived possibilities.

As your heart dreams you will engage with me. As you sing the songs of your heart you will engage with me. As you walk in new directions, following the inspiration I’ve placed within your heart, you will engage with me. And in all these things, and even more, you will seek the answer to your quest, but you will find me along the way.

For though you do not always know me, still I am there. Though you do not realize you are searching for me, still I will reveal myself to you. Though you do not know exactly what it is you are searching for, still I have made myself clearly available and accessible to you, and done so with great care and attention to detail. For I am the answer you seek. I am the inspiration burning within your heart. I am that passion and desire that inspires you to move, to risk, to take action. I am all that is good within you, and within this world, so know it or not, you are seeking me in many different ways.

As we venture together in pursuit of your individual accomplishment of your path, you will come to know me more and more closely as I truly am. You will come to see my face more clearly, hear my voice more loudly, feel my heart beat more completely, and enjoy my embrace more fully. For there is no good thing I will withhold from you, My Dearly Beloved. There is no good thing I will delay in bringing to you.

And though you do not always understand the chain of events in the moment, understand all these things are working out for your good, and I am loving you through them all. Though you do not always see me the way you want, though you do not always feel the way you want, though you do not always have all the things you want in this moment, know and understand I am with you in all things, and I am loving you through them all.

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