I Am More Desirable Than Gold

Neil Vermillion —  December 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

You will see it come to pass, your greatest desires are fulfilled. Though you have these desires, you have sought to fulfill them in your own way. So allow me to guide you to the paths of true and lasting fulfillment, rather than following the path of least resistance, the cheap and easy path of apparent ease and comfort. For this path is wide and commonly followed, but it will not lead you to the destination you desire. In fact it will lead you in quite the opposite direction. But as you follow me, my spirit, my guidance, and my leadership in your life you will find I will lead you to the greatest realms of pleasure and satisfaction you have ever known, even more than you have imagined.

So cast off conventional wisdom, with all its traditions and wise sounding arguments, and embrace the simplicity and the foolishness of my paradox. For my paradox says you will enjoy the journey, not only the destination. My paradox says I will reward you in your faithfulness. My paradox says I will supply you, protect you, and redeem you in every way, and will do so consistently and generously.

Cast off the popularity of mainstream psychology as you listen to my voice and follow unconventional trails, leading you to greater and greater, not only development, but fulfillment and satisfaction too. For I will be better to you than you would be to yourself. I will protect you better than you would protect yourself. I will be more patient than you would be with yourself. I will be more generous, more forgiving, more loving than you would be with yourself.

So do not look to yourself, but rather look to me, to my spirit, to my path, to my voice for I will speak to you as I guide you. And I will walk with you day after day, hand in hand, and you will forget the fears of your youth. You will forget your doubts of yesterday as I reveal the truth of who I am today. You will forget your hurt and failure as I reveal my grand redemption of all things. And in this place of following, listening, and receiving, you will find I am sweeter than honey, more desirable than gold.

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