I Am More Than Sufficient

Neil Vermillion —  December 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

And when you feel the pressures of the day upon your shoulders do not be quick to abandon your present course. Do not presume you are incorrect, do not presume you have taken the wrong course of action. For there will definitely be pressures as you follow the guidance of my spirit. You will most definitely experience difficulty from time to time, so do not consider yourself in error simply because of the pressures of your present circumstances.

But instead, inquire of me and allow me to confirm my will and my plans for you. Allow me to speak to your situation and affirm, not only your path, but my heart for you too. For as I guide you through these pressure experiences I will use them to your advantage. I will use them serve you, to improve you, to train you, and to help perfect you. And in this way you will grow closer to me, and your joy will increase. And you will come to know me in the whole gamut of it all, and what is yet to come too.

Allow me to work with you, to prune and perfect you, and you will find you will be matured, weathered, and preserved in a most remarkable manner. You will find all the calamities and blunders you have experienced in the past will all be redeemed and renewed as I resurrect original meaning and original intent within your heart and circumstances. For I have never forgotten. I have never lost sight. I have never become confused, or overwhelmed. I have never been uncertain or indecisive. I have seen it all since before the beginning, and after the end of it all. So do not try so hard to process all these things that are beyond you. Do not try to guide yourself, but instead enjoy my loving embrace as I continue to guide, unfold, and reveal my plans to you.

I will not steer you astray. I will not sabotage the good work I have already started. I will not give up, nor lose my way, nor make a mistake. So let go of your fears, hurts, and apprehensions, and allow me to speak to you, to love you, and to guide you in all these things, and even more. You will find my grace and fellowship is more than sufficient for you. I am more than sufficient for you, and in discovering and learning this you will be liberated from the accusation that I am not.

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