I Am More Valuable Than Gold

Neil Vermillion —  April 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know your heart is hurting at times. I know you are experiencing pain of delay and disappointment at times. I know you have questions pressing you, issues that do not allow you to rest, or find peace for your troubled mind. I know these things are true and very real for you at times, and this is the very reason I dwell among you, giving you full access to fellowship with me. For as you encounter and experience me you will find I am altogether lovely. I am altogether different than you thought yesterday. You will find I am beyond your scope of what you believed was reasonable or possible.

I am so much more than you will ever fully know or comprehend. Likewise, you are so much more than you give yourself credit to believe. Know I am guiding you and speaking to you, but also know I am shaping your heart and the key issues of what you are dealing with this very moment, in order to refine, perfect, and improve you for the things of tomorrow. So know, no matter what you experience in this world, be it easy or difficult, painful or joyful, simple or complex, I am with you in all these things and even more. And I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will never put you to shame, never abandon you, never disown you.

So rest assured our fellowship has been united together, and will continue to remain so. There is nothing in this world, or any other, that will be able to separate you from my perfect love for you. You have only just begun to scratch the mere surface of who I am, what I have in store for you, and the great joy of knowing my incomprehensible love for you.

For there is so much more.

But the delight will not only be in possessing and experiencing the thing, but also in digesting it, appreciating it, and sharing it in this moment, in spite of what you experience. For my joy and my love are even greater than your experience. My joy and my love are even greater than your sentiment. My joy and my love are even greater than your circumstances, even greater than your comprehension, and even greater than you limits.

So walk with me, and let me begin to intrigue you with my mysteries, delicacies, and complexities. For you will find I am sweeter than honey, more desirable than wisdom, and more valuable than gold.

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