I Am Near You Already

Neil Vermillion —  June 28, 2016 —  Comments

For you will taste of my goodness and will choose my ways. You will see the majesty of the path set before you and will no longer carry the shame you have been acquainted with. I will wash you daily in the reminder of who you are. I will wash you daily in the remembrance of how I see you, and what you mean to me. I will wash you daily in the recollection of the beauty of what you already possess today. And as this practice continues you will forget your hate. You will no longer acknowledge the accusation against you. You will forget your shame and disqualifications. You will forget your rage and anger. You will forget your lust for blood, and will instead desire mercy, just as I have shown you mercy already.

And you will know me like you’ve not known me before. You will be challenged by me, for I am even better than you think I am. You will be startled by me, for I am more marvelous than you think I am. You will be mesmerized by my love, for I am even more generous and patient than you think I am. And as you sit before me like this, day after day, I will show you marvels that will confound your logic. I will show you things you cannot comprehend. I will delight you and surprise you. I will speak to you and sing to you, and you will drink it all in until you can hold no more.

And when you are weary I will be your shade. When you are exasperated I will be your refuge. When you are angry I will be your peace. When you are disappointed I will be your hope. When you are confused, I will be your answer. When you are late I will be your redemption. When you are without remedy I will be your bridge. When you are lost, I will be your light. I will set myself beside you and cast my gaze upon you. I will seek you in your hurts, and dirt, and shame, and will bring you out of your perspective, and set you into mine. And in all these things you will find rest and comfort for your weariness and hurt.

You will find joy in place of your sorrow. You will find satisfaction in your place of loss. You will experience provision in your areas of lack. You will know my goodness in the realms of your accusation. You will seek me and find I am better than you thought. You will ask of me and discover I am more generous than you thought. You will shake your fist in your rage of injustice, and discover I am more than capable to repair, redeem, and restore all things.

And you will find the details you’ve overlooked have never left my sight. You will find the distance between us because of your mistakes, existed only in your mind. You will call to me only to discover I am already there. You will reach your hand out to me only to realize I am near you already.

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