I Am Pulling Back The Curtains

Neil Vermillion —  January 25, 2016 —  Comments

Continue to come before me, seeking me with honesty and openness, and I will continue to speak to you. For you have seen the horizon from a distance, but as you continue to draw yourself closer and continue to gaze upon all I show you, you will begin to see what you did not see before. You will understand what you did not understand before. You will conceive new ideas, new methods, new directions, and your future will look the same yet with a greater degree of clarity and color.

For my view of your future is different than yours. So allow me to adjust your settings and tweak your throttle. For I will set you on the right course, at the right time, and for the right destination. So surrender to me now. Surrender your fears and concerns. Surrender your disappointments. Surrender your desire to control everything. Surrender your preconceived notions about I have in store for you. For these things will hold you back. These things will cause you to see incorrectly. For I am showing you your future. And in this place of understanding be free to embrace what I show you without fear of adulteration.

So discard your fears, disappointments, desires, and notions, and allow me to speak to you directly, for I will lay it down at your feet. But even though I reveal it to you, you will not understand it all if you are holding to your mindsets from your past. So discard them quickly, for they will cloud your judgment and contaminate your hearing. I will speak to you plainly, and will show you what I’ve laid at your feet, and you will see and you will hear, and you will understand.

For these are days in which I am pulling back the layers. I am pulling back the curtains. And the questions you had for so long will begin to be answered. And you will see where you’ve come from and you will understand why I took you in such a painful and roundabout path. And though it is has been hard, and slow, you will understand how it was necessary. And all the pain of discomfort and delay will so very quickly be forgotten as you arrive where I’ve set you to be.

For in your arrival in this chapter, your book will begin to sing. And my song will resonate within you and you will amplify what I’ve put there. And you will add your own contribution as you delight in the provision and preparation I’ve given you. And you will delight in the goodness of my plans, of my timing, of my preparation in your life. It will be your great reward because you’ve followed me so faithfully for so long.

So allow yourself to come to me. And as you come to me, allow yourself to dismantle your guard, and enter without hindrance into the place I have assigned for you for this time and season. For you will enter into your greatest delight. You will enter into that manifestation of the preparation of years past. And it will be so very sweet and it will be so very right.

Do not hesitate. Do not fret, or worry, for I will make it plain and clear. And you will see and you will know and you will understand.

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