I Am Revealing Your Weakness In Loving Kindness

Neil Vermillion —  February 21, 2019 —  Comments

There are many things I have yet to reveal to you still, and while you possess revelation and understanding, know there is still so much more in store for you. In this time of growing in knowledge and understanding, trust I will lead you to the necessary paths of revelation in due season. Though the paths may be righteous, they will not always be easy, so take heart as I continue to protect, but also prepare for what is still yet to come. (1)

The truly valuable secrets will cost you. The truly valuable secrets will require much of you. The truly valuable secrets will not come easily, but will take many years of diligent search, looking, and listening. Surely as you search, you will find many things, even the things you are looking for. I will not hide the answers from you so they can never be found, but rather I have set them only to be found by the hungry, only by those willing to continue to ask the difficult questions, and receive the difficult answers. (2)

In the process of search you will come to the end of yourself. You will be pushed past your present limits as you mature and develop your character and talents in your quest. As you encounter your limits you will uncover areas for your growth. These areas of growth are necessary for you to conquer in order to reach your full development. In these areas you will thrive as you continue to say yes to the process and follow my leadership into these domains of much-needed growth.

I will refine you and strengthen you. I will reveal your weaknesses to you in loving kindness so as to help you overcome all your areas of struggle. It is my desire and my plan to heal you, but also to see you accomplish all I have set within you to do. It is my desire to establish you on the path of success and put your feet on solid ground. It is my desire to see all I have planted deep within you come to its fruition and for you to join with me in reaping the fullness of this harvest. (3)

Know as you are confronted with your weaknesses and limitations, I am revealing these to you in gentleness and kindness in order to help you. I am assisting you by making you aware of things that need to be addressed, shedding light on the issues hidden within the shadows. For I want you to abide in wholeness, just as I want you to abide in knowledge.

As you embrace this awareness not only will you free yourself, as you become able to live to your fullest potential, but you will also equip yourself with excellence to help others too. For the struggles you go through are not only for yourself, but will also serve to grant you skills you are lacking in equipping, loving, and serving others. There is much revelation and much understanding that will be made available to you as you continue to walk your path of refinement and development. (4)

Know this path of refinement will help you, but it will also help those close to you. It will help those you have not yet met, as it is preparing your for relationships still yet to come. It will help those who are coming up under you, the next generation. The wisdom you will acquire and possess will be passed down to others as it is shared with them so they can walk in greater maturity and abundance than generations past. (5)

As you see key issues manifest again and again, do not be discouraged feeling as though my hand is against you. Instead, trust I am highlighting things for you knowledge and understanding, but also trust I am giving you greater skill by the mechanism of repetition. I am revealing areas in need of improvement while I remind of you of the grace already afforded you to overcome all your challenges. I will empower you to make the needed changes and release yourself from past hindrances so you can truly embody freedom in every way. (6)

In all these things I will reveal not only the problem, but also the solution. I will not only show you the obstacle and leave you with no hope nor strategy to overcome it, for I will be with you, I will speak into your ear, and will show you the path of victory and redemption. I will place you on the right path, as you continue to shine the light of my word before you everywhere you go. (7)

Know as you grow, new levels of advancement will require more responsibility and maturity than days past. This is all part of the process, and is also part of your reward. Great levels of maturity and responsibility are part of the equipping process though it feels heavy at times, but are also part of your satisfaction you will experience. Even though you will grow tired and weary from time to time, my grace will be with you to help you along the way so you will not faint, and will finish with glory. (8)

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