I Am Speaking To You Today

Neil Vermillion —  September 13, 2016 —  Comments

I am revealing my heart to you in new ways. For you know me in one dimension, but there is more. You see me from one angle, one perspective, but there is more – so much more. So allow me to open your eyes that you will see and understand. Allow me to open your ears so you will hear and comprehend.

For I will speak to you and show you all I am. I will not hide myself from you. I will not make it impossible for you to find or understand or know me. I will continue to seek you and encourage you as you seek me. And together you will come to know me as I truly am, no longer relating to me as you did yesterday, from the vague and incomplete notions you have previously conceived. But instead you will look and remember. You will see and know. And in doing so, the old image of things passed away will be forgotten, having no residue in your present, nor your future.

I have brought you out of darkness and am continually showing you all I am, all I have in store for you, and will continue to do so. I will continue to remain faithful. I will continue to open up insights so you will grasp and understand what I am saying to you. And though you may not like it, nor understand it at first glance, over the course of time as you grow and increase you will see and appreciate all I am doing, and have already done, on your behalf.

For I am the Good Father. I am the source from which all these blessings come. I am the one you seek, though you may not know it or perceive it just yet. I am the revealer, the one who shines light upon your path, and brings rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike. I am the one who sits on the throne, making myself available to you, My Beloved. My heart and my intentions are set before you, open for you to come to know me and love me, without hindrance, without misunderstanding.

Allow me to continue to reveal myself to you, even in new ways. Allow me to speak to you plainly, to communicate with you openly, in new ways, from new angles. Do not turn me away. Do not harden your heart. Do not close your eyes, or close your ears. For I am speaking to you today, calling out to you again and again, day after day.

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