I Am Sweeter Than Honey

Neil Vermillion —  December 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

I have come and have revealed myself to you so you may have peace. I have come to your side so you will no longer feel alone, or that you must make your own way. I have opened myself to you so you would realize my provision, guidance, and protection for you. For I have given you life. I have opened the doors before you, and will continue to do so. I have joined us together in a glorious fashion and have made you my own, claiming you before all creation as my Dearly Beloved.

I have seated you with me in heavenly places and given you the place and position of honor and respect. I have called you my own and adopted you into my family. I have opened not only my resources, but my heart and mind to you. I have withheld nothing from you and will continue to lavish my generosity upon you time and time again, for all of eternity.

And I will continue to show my faithfulness. I will continue to demonstrate my relentless pursuit of you, your heart, your concerns, and your circumstances. I will show you my trustworthiness, my reliability, my dependability, and you will begin to know and experience me in this way. You will begin to understand and appreciate my unfailing nature, as you come to trust in my character and our relationship grows in intimacy over time.

You will lay your head on my shoulder and rest, and will fret no more. You will reside in peace and security, giving no thought of concern for tomorrow. You will have no cares, no anxiety, no worries of any kind, as you bask in the reality and truth of my unwavering love for you. I will shower you with all good things, and you will forget the seductions of your former way of living. I will saturate your mind, heart, and circumstances with all you want, all you can contain, all you could imagine, and will do go generously and consistently.

So cast your cares to the side, and do not focus on what you cannot control. Cast your logical wisdom to the side and do not allow it to continue to clutter the issues of your heart. Cast your idols, and well-meaning constructs, to the side and embrace the stability and simplicity I have for you. For I will take care of you and will never leave you. I will watch over you, and bring you all your heart could ever desire. I will fill you and you will be satisfied. So continue to receive my embrace, My Beloved, for you will find I am sweeter than honey, richer than all the oceans, more vast than the universe, and more loving than you could ever comprehend.

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