I Am Taking Care Of The Long Term As Well As The Short Term

Neil Vermillion —  August 21, 2018 —  Comments

As you allow me to interrupt and interject into your daily life and routine, understand I am not doing so in order to create confusion. I am not hindering you for the sake of hindrance, but rather I am redirecting your attention and your energy, and indirectly teaching you and training you how to better accomplish the work beneath your hands. So while it may seem inconvenient in the short term, understand the effects, the experience, and the lessons you will learn are far more valuable than the minor inconveniences you will encounter as you continue to remain responsive to my spirit. (1)

Your tendency is to become too focused on a single goal or object. Your tendency becomes to ignore your surroundings and become engrossed within tunnel vision. So allow me to add greater depth as well as variety into your life as I introduce new additions and new directions. In the moment it will seem as though I am undermining your advancement, as if I am purposely hindering you and introducing noise and clutter for no reason, but as you trust in the essence of my spirit and the sentiments of my heart you will see where and how these interjections will bear good fruit in your life. You will begin to welcome my interjections, even when you are terribly focused on something else, or terribly busy with something else.

I will begin to prepare you to adapt to things years in advance, far before you are able to perceive them for yourself. I will train you and prepare you along the way, through a very wide and diverse set of experiences. Know these things have significance and relevance for not only today in the short term, but also for tomorrow in the long term. And not only will you experience what you need to experience, learn what you need to learn, and absorb what you need to absorb, but I will also introduce an element of fun and enjoyment through these diversions and tangents as well. The diversion and surprise included with the adventure of the unknown will bring about greater fulfillment and enjoyment to our journey together, as you increase your spectrum of experience and collection of encounters. (2)

Understand there are many layers being addressed within you simultaneously. There are many timelines taken into account into the consideration of your final and eternal outcome, much of which is beyond your ability to see or perceive, let alone to measure or understand, in the here and now. As you relinquish your right for perceived control you will simultaneously begin to enjoy a realm of rest that will empower you far beyond what you think. You will be able to address the obstacles of the short term, as you rest in the confidence and assurance I am taking care of the long term. (3)

(1) John 16:13
(2) Proverbs 16:9, Psalm 32:8
(3) 1 Corinthians 2:9, Psalm 25:9-10

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