I Am Teaching You To Hear Me In Greater Ways

Neil Vermillion —  September 6, 2019 —  Comments

Surely in this day and age you will find many voices within the collective mix. Let me encourage you to take time to carefully consider their message, and carefully weigh the words they say, as well as examine the meaning and implications of those words. There are many speaking in my name that do not know me. And though they speak a similar message, they are not my messengers. They do not know me. They do not know my son. They do not know my will. (1)

It will become increasingly important for my sheep to know my voice, to hear my messengers, and to see me face to face, for the Deceiver will be active spreading his news and notions to all who will grant him an ear to listen. Those with clouded and confused minds, those who are unstable and double-minded, those whose hearts desire wickedness and do not know me, will be easily led astray. (2)

If you know me personally you will not follow the voice of another, and though the snares, tricks, and deceptions will be placed before you, I will guide you and protect you if you will listen to me, and heed my guidance. The plans meant to harm you will not do so. What was intended for evil, will be used for good. These are crucial times; times of transition, uncertainty, and confusion for many. But I am pressing you and preparing you for greater things yet to come. (3)

Know, there are many trials and struggles you will face. There will also be many plans to stop, delay, or discourage you. There will be many who will come to you with plans to harm or deceive you so be diligent! Be diligent as though your life depends on it, for the trials and opposition you face will be for great stakes. The cost will be high, as will the reward. (4)

Know I am pruning, instructing, and preparing you. I am teaching you to hear me in greater ways. I am teaching you to follow me in greater levels. I am the kind and loving teacher, helping you in your times of need and confusion giving you what you need, not always giving you what want. Reach out to me and we will stay close. Be diligent; be strong; be courageous. Do not fear. For in all these things I will be with you, as I continue to guide you, and speak to you along your journey of the narrow path. (5)

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