I Am The Great Redeemer

Neil Vermillion —  November 15, 2018 —  Comments

It is my heart’s desire to see you restored, and to see you walk in the total fullness of all I have for you. It is not a small thing for me to see you suffer, or to see you delayed in my purposes for you. Even in this time I am moving upon things of old, healing memories, and restoring things of the past that have been stolen and broken. I am mending the broken fences, and will reclaim time that was lost. I will restore, redeem, and mend what has been broken and damaged, for I am The Great Redeemer. I am able to move quickly and heal thoroughly. (1)

There is a rapid acceleration in these matters, as I continue to move you into all I have planned for you. Rapid acceleration is available to you, so grab it. Don’t hold on to the things of the past, but let them go. Forget hurts. Forget worries. Forget fears. Forget failures. Begin to embrace the future I have in store for you, looking forward, not backward. You will grow by leaps and bounds and will run swiftly without getting weary. (2)

Surely I will sustain you, and surely I will move you, and keep you, in synchronization for the right time according to my plans for you as I continue to redeem and restore. (3)

(1) Jeremiah 29:11, Joel 2:25
(2) Isaiah 43:18-19, Psalm 121, Isaiah 40:31
(3) Psalm 55:22, Isaiah 46:4, Habakkuk 2:3

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