I Am The One Who Governs

Neil Vermillion —  December 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

For I have seen you since before the beginning. I have known you since before you were formed in your mother’s womb. I have known all things, seen all things, and created all things, for in me all things are held together. So listen as I speak, for I know what I am saying. Follow me as I guide, for I know where I am taking you. Observe my words and my commands, for I will do you no harm, though you may not understand it all initially.

Allow me to speak to you again and again. Let down your guard and your trivial defenses and come to know me and see me as I truly am. For as you see me face to face you will find I am altogether different than you have previously presumed. You will see me as I truly am, not as you have erroneously perceived me to be. In beholding me you will find all manner of correction brought to your consciousness. And things will look right in your life. Things will seem more peaceful in your situation. Things will be more calm, more tranquil, less chaotic in your circumstances and in your heart.

For I will govern all these things, and even more. And as you come to know me as The One Who Governs you will begin to observe, notice, and experience my governance in your life. For my governance will not hinder you or inhibit you, but will liberate you, allowing you to grow, and thrive, and prosper in every way. And as you become acquainted with, and accustomed to, my governance you will begin to seek it in all areas of your life, for you will enjoy it.

You will no longer look to make your own path, but will look for my leadership. You will no longer make your own provision, for I will feed you. You will no longer make your own shelter, for I will provide my rest and will be your refuge in every way. For my ways are great. My heart is great. My plans are great. And in all these things I will display my greatness to you, again and again.

And as you seek me, you will find me. And in seeking me you will begin to behold me as I truly am, no longer conforming to previously conceived ideas about who I am, or who I am not. And in this revelation of who I really am you will have no wants unfulfilled, no needs unmet, no anger unresolved, no stress, fear, or worry that has not been taken care of.

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