I Am Your Only Hope

Neil Vermillion —  May 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know at times you feel as though you are drowning, but allow me to reassure you I am making these experiences available to you so you will also experience the full satisfaction I have in store for you. I am making all things open to you, especially those things which previously seemed beyond your reach, what previously seemed to be inaccessible. I am adjusting your focus and tweaking your vision, so you will be able to hear clearly, and digest what has already been fed to you. I am watching over you, monitoring your progress and involvement, not just your activity, as though busyness were the only metric that matters.

For I see the core issues within you, and it is with these things in mind I relate to you today. I know your anger, and I see its origin. I see your disappointment, and I remember how it spawned within you. I see your confusion, your fear, and your weakness, and even still I acknowledge myself as your great hope and solution. Even though you are prone to deny me, and to deny my ways, even still I affirm myself to you as, not just your best hope, but your only hope.

I see the ingredients in the cocktail you subscribed to enjoy, and I know the details and implications it carries. I know the true motives of your decisions, even the details you hide and deny from yourself and to others. I see all these things, and love you still. I see all these things, and it is with this in full view I am relating to you now.

I am not angry with you, nor disappointed in you. I am not mad at you, wanting you to be punished for mistakes. I am not thirsty to drink your blood, or crush your hope for your future. I am none of the things you accuse me to be in your heart, for I am truly good. And though I am aware of the way you think of me, the way you relate to me, the way you believe me to be in your heart of hearts, even still I love you, and do not allow these imperfections to hinder our union together. For these things, though they seem real at times, are still so very small in comparison to who I am, and in comparison to my great love for you.

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