I Govern You Carefully

Neil Vermillion —  January 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

You started so small. You started anonymously. You started with no understanding, no power, no capacity, nothing of your own. But I conceived you and birthed you. I brought you into being, giving you not only life and a heartbeat, but a will, a destiny, a design and a purpose, and a personality suited for them too. For there is no aspect of you that has not come from me. There is no portion of you that is not dependent upon me. There is no understanding, no power, no creativity that has not come from me.

And you believe I have started you small, only to leave you small. You believe I have taken a slow and gradual path in order to delay gratification and maximize impatience. But in reality I have chosen the direct path. I have chosen the shortest, most righteous, most excellent path possible. For I see not only where you are going, but also what you will need when you arrive. So with this in mind, I am taking through a journey of preparation. I am not going to allow you to arrive ill-equipped. I am not going to let you finish your race empty handed.

Instead I have gone to great trouble, in great detail, at great expense to make sure you not only travel the path marked out for you, but also that you acquire the necessary skills, tools, and development along the way. I see what you will need, and how much you will need. I see the process required to train and perfect you. I see the pace at which you are able to advance. I see the talents you possess, and capacity to manage and multi-task them all.

So I govern you carefully, but lovingly. I do this because I love you, because I care for you, because I know the desire of your heart to be effective, to make meaningful contribution, and to create a noble, eternal impact. And because I have given you this desire, so also will I give you the capacity and opportunity to fulfill it in a most excellent and righteous manner.

So know and understand, everything you do, everything you have, every single thing has come from me, and will continue to come from me. For apart from me you can do nothing, but with me, in me, there is nothing that is impossible. All things are possible as we venture together in our journey.

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