I Have Empowered You To Overcome

Neil Vermillion —  April 13, 2016 —  Comments

In all things know my grace is always with you. Know my spirit is always within you. For I have anointed you and chosen you to carry out my work. I have chosen you to work with me in all things. And since I have chosen you, have I not also empowered you? If I have anointed you, have I left you ill-equipped? Surely I am not only with you, but have also provided you with all you need to accomplish and complete the call upon your life.

Though you see yourself as small, you see yourself as weak, know I do not see you this way. Even though you see yourself as inadequate in many ways, know I do not see you this way. For just as you have received my nature as my children, you will also manifest and demonstrate my nature in this world. You will press and push and move and demonstrate all I’ve placed within you and all I’ve called you to pursue.

Also know in your pursuit you will be challenged. You will grow, you will develop, you will mature as you continue to face all things in your life. For there will be many challenges you will encounter, but do not allow them to stop you. For there will be many circumstances, even many people, that will oppose you along the way. But do not allow these things to stop you. For I am with you, and I have chosen you, and I have also empowered you to overcome. I have given all that is necessary for you to accomplish, though you and I define accomplishment very differently.

But nevertheless, you will do. Nevertheless, you will accomplish. You will do all these things according to inspiration from my spirit within you. You will surely possess the land I have given you, the realms I have assigned to you, and the people I have given you as well. So move in confidence – not confidence in your own abilities, but confidence in mine, confidence in your call, confidence in the process and journey set before you.

And as you move forward, hold loosely to the results, outcomes, and expectations you’ve conceived in your own mind. Remain flexible and versatile as reality reveals itself differently than your originally perceived it would.

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