I Have Qualified You

Neil Vermillion —  May 19, 2016 —  Comments

Though you see yourself as small, weak, and incapable, realize this does not disqualify you, for the accomplishment of my will is not about you, but rather my power flowing through you. In this way what disqualifies you turns into the very thing that qualifies you. For your accomplishments will be completely dependent on me, and the sooner you embrace this truth the sooner you will be able to progress forward without attempting to accomplish my will in your own power and strength.

For I will move through you. I will speak to you. I will guide you. I will equip you. I will bring you to the right place. I will bring you to the right people. I will bring you through one experience after another in order to train you, prune you, and grow you to be able to accomplish all that has been assigned to you. It will be in our union together we will accomplish all these things, and the joy of your heart will be to follow, cooperate, and serve.

Even your limits and weaknesses are not too much for me. So do not continue to consider yourself disqualified, for I have qualified you. Instead, look to the hope, vision, and future I have already given you. Run in full pursuit, with passion and perseverance, the race set before you, knowing not only am I with you, but I am guiding you and equipping you as well.

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