I Have Shaken Your Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  March 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have inhabited you. I have inhabited your space, your mind, your heart. I have inhabited your circumstances, your past, present and future. I have inhabited what is known, and I have also inhabited what is secret. I have inhabited your details and have continued to revive and activate the call upon your life, even at a microscopic level, when you have been discouraged, afraid, and confused.

I have seen you from a distance and have observed the very inklings of your heart. I have witnessed you give birth to terrible ideas, full of doom and destruction, but have also remained with you in spite of them all. I have tracked you from afar and have also walked with you by your side. I have seen you early in the morning, even before you were awake, and have seen you late into the midnight hour, when everyone else had already fallen asleep.

I have been close to you since before the beginning. I have spoken to you distinctly, as well as directly and deliberately. I have labored with you, and have instructed you. I have coached you and corrected you, and have pressed you past your comfort zone. And though you have resisted me at times, I never left you, never forgot about you, never wavered in my love for you. Even though you have doubted, and even given up, I never stopped loving you, never stopped thinking of you, never stopped helping you.

For you have seen me, but have only done so partially. You have understood me, but have only done so partially. You have reasoned with me, but have only done so in part. I have taken your devices and mechanisms and have innovated and improved them. I have corrected your dysfunction and have reconciled the accusation against you. I have set your foot on dry, stable ground, and have invested in your past, present, and future. I have endowed my goods upon you and within you, and have held you close to me every step along the way.

I have made myself known to you, and have revealed myself to you. I have hidden details in the shadows, where only those who are truly hungry and thirsty will care to look. I have kept the hidden manna, and set it to the side, reserving it for those who will not be easily satisfied. I have provoked your heart and perplexed your sensibility. I have shaken your understanding, and will continue to prod you, driving you forward little by little, day by day.

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