I Love You Perfectly

Neil Vermillion —  April 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

Since before the beginning I knew you. Since before you existed in this world, you existed in my heart. Since before you were ever aware of me, I was fully and completely aware of you along with all the details that make up who you are. So with this in mind, trust in what I am saying to you in this hour. Trust in my words, in my guidance, and in my advice for I know you far better than you think I do. I know you far better than you know yourself. (1)

So as I advise you, remember I know not only where you are presently, but also where you have come from as well as where you are going. When I advise you remember I love you perfectly, even better than you love yourself. When I advise you remember I am so very wise. I am wiser than you, and even wiser than you could ever imagine. So trust in my counsel as a credible and righteous source. Do not discount, nor dismiss, what I say to you. I am knowledgeable, but also loving. I am working with you for your own benefit, for it is my heart’s desire to see you grow and prosper, and enjoy the process along the way. (2)

Know I will never leave you. I will never forget about you. I will never lead you to your harm or demise. I will never deceive you, but will deal with you truthfully and consistently. So not lean on your own understanding, for your ways are not my ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts. As high as the heavens are above the Earth, so are my ways and thoughts in comparison to yours. (3)

Walk with me faithfully, not only as a response of begrudging obedience, but with joyful anticipation from the awareness and assurance that all I have for you presently, as well as the future, is good and right and will bless you and prosper you in every way dimension of your life. (4)

(1) Ephesians 2:10, Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:14
(2) Isaiah 46:9-11, 1 Peter 1:8-9
(3) Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 55:8-9
(4) Jeremiah 29:11

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