I Still Have All Things Mapped Out

Neil Vermillion —  July 25, 2019 —  Comments

Continue to hope and believe for the manifestation of the vision placed before your eyes. Many of you feel lost, as if you are off the path, but trust in me, knowing I have a plan marked out for you already. While you feel alone and forgotten, remember I have never left you and I have never forgotten you. I have not abandoned my plans for you, for they were established since before the beginning. (1)

You were birthed from a place of love, and a place of purpose, and these two have never changed. You are designed to give and receive love, and you were also designed to accomplish great things. You have been called and equipped to do many exploits and perform much in the days ahead of you still, according to my plans and timing of events. (2)

While your gifts and talents seem to be under-utilized, understand I will polish and refine these things secretly in safety, before bringing them to the surface at the appointed time. My plans for you are so much greater than the obstacles before you. My plans for you are so much greater than your little mistakes or deviations. I am a master at redeeming lost time lost, just as I am a master at recovering and redeeming what has been stolen or broken. (3)

Even though the destination looks entirely different that you anticipated, just as the course you traveled to arrive at your destination looks entirely different that you anticipated, know I still have all things mapped out for you, and always have. I still have everything outlined, scheduled, and planned in great detail to accomplish all these things. For these were designed and formed before you, and they will continue past you. Though you are part of the story, there is still much hidden from you that you do not see or know yet. (4)

So trust in me, and trust in my Father who loves you dearly. All these things will be accomplished, though it does not always look that way in your daily life from one moment to the next. In the end your heart will become even more alive, even more enamored, even more in awe of the majesty and complexity of my plans, and of my goodness. (5)

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