I Will Be Your Sanctuary

Neil Vermillion —  August 3, 2016 —  Comments

In the times of your greatest confusion, know I am there with you. Even in the times of your greatest hurt and disappointment, know I am with you every minute. There is nothing in this world you will ever encounter, or ever experience, that will draw you away or separate you from my great love. For my love for you is so vast you cannot measure it. My love for you is so great you cannot fathom its height. My love for you is so great you cannot grasp its passion, its fire, its strength, its power. For my love for you is like nothing you have encountered ever before, nor will you ever again.

Wherever you find yourself this day, know I am with you still. Whatever you find yourself doing, know I am with you still. Whatever thought you may be thinking, know I am with you and I love you, and I have never been surprised, nor offended, by your thoughts or the things you ponder. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what you think or say, my love for you is unwavering, reliable, and consistent.

As you slow yourself down enough to taste of my spirit, my goodness, and my generosity you will also begin to taste and experience the vast oceans of my love for you. For I will show you all these things and will hold nothing back for you. I will open my heart to you, and reveal my inner most presence to you, because you are my Beloved. I will make allowances for your shortcomings. I will remain patient as you fumble and learn. I will constantly seek your attention, for you are already at the very center of mine.

As you come to sit with me I will lavish my affections upon you generously. I will show you kindness like you’ve never know before. I will shower you will security and stability, and your heart will forget the trauma from years past. I will reveal myself to you, and you will come to know me. We will be together as one, realizing and appreciating that there is nothing between us, nothing separating us, nor will there ever be.

Though your mind will not always comprehend it all, your heart will respond and will thrive. You will taste my goodness and will be revived. You will eat from my table and will be filled and satisfied. You will be content in every way, and the goodness of my love will surround you on every side, and you will forget the trauma of years past. For in my perfect love there is great healing for you. In my perfect love you will discover your source of contentment. In my perfect love you will find no lack, but will be filled to overflowing, having more than you can contain.

I will shine my face upon you and you will behold me all day long. You will look into my eyes and see me as I am, face to face with no illusion, confusion, or dissonance. You will see me and know me, and you will not be able to forget me. Our fellowship together will surprise and delight you, but it will also transform you in little and big ways, far beyond your capacity to perceive, observe, or measure.

Through it all my kindness and gentleness will win you over, and you will forget your hate and your fear. You will forget your former way of living, as you abide by my side, in a place of total safety, serenity, and sanctuary.

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