I Will Encourage You To Be Faithful To The Vision I’ve Given You

Neil Vermillion —  February 22, 2019 —  Comments

I am great in patience, slow to anger, and this is for your benefit as you continue to grow with me day by day. The process you are currently experiencing is not always quick to end or resolve, but my loving kindness will allow you to grow in a gentle manner. It is in my gentleness I am willing and able to be slow, deliberate, and thorough in examining the issues and concerns within your heart that need to be addressed. (1)

The seasons of ease and acceleration are very real, but they are also very rare. You may have known times of acceleration in the past, but do not consider them as typical. Likewise, do not consider the pathways of great ease to be optimal in the results they produce. Though they may all be righteous, not all paths will be optimal in their benefit to you. There is much work yet to be accomplished, so I am going to guide you to the path of maximum benefit and development for you. In these times my grace will be with you, enabling you to persevere despite the lengthy duration. Remember, the laborer is worth his wages, and I will surely reward you for all the work you have put in. (2)

I see the issues and desires within your heart, and will encourage you to be faithful to the vision I have given you to accomplish. I see the work ahead of you, just as I also see how you have responded to it. So trust in my perspective as I not only guide you, in terms of direction, but also coach you, in terms of methods of response. I want to encourage you to continue to remain faithful, and to persevere despite delays, despite confusion and doubt. (3)

Trust in me, in my ways, and in my timing knowing I will surely help you. I will enable you to remain faithful to the assignment I have put upon you. Do not be discouraged. Do not be dismayed or confused by the trials and hardships you will certainly encounter. There will be times of things not making sense, and there will be times when it seems as though you are moving backwards. Despite these perceptions trust in me, and continue to say yes to me and my plans for you, no matter the outcome, no matter your circumstances. (4)

When you feel tired, beaten, downcast, or discouraged call out to me and I will pick you up. I will brush you off, and remove the debris and clutter accumulated within your heart along your way. I will encourage you, as I breathe life and hope back into your heart, mind, and spirit. I will refresh you in times of drought. I will empower you to not only finish your journey, but to enjoy it and thrive along the way. (5)

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