I Will Restore, Redeem and Take Back All That’s Been Stolen From You

Neil Vermillion —  November 28, 2018 —  Comments

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I have made new plans available for you to walk within. You know the things I’ve shown you. You know the things I have revealed to you and spoken to you, but yet there are many things you still do not yet know. There are still many details of my plans you do not yet know, nor understand. There are new ways to think, new ideas to consider, and new opportunities to evaluate. There will be much to do in the tasks required of you in the days ahead, some of which you know now, and some of which you do not yet know. (1)

I’m going to be inspiring new forms of worship, new levels of worship, and new expressions of worship. I’m going to reclaim even the definition of what it means to worship. I’m going to take back things previously considered to be worthless and of no good. I am going to restore, refine, and redeem things the enemy has perverted and stolen, and it’s going to be glorious. It will cause many to smile, many to marvel, and yes, even many to wonder how this could happen. Many will ask, why hasn’t this happened sooner, and will reconsider their giving, sacrifices, and service to others. (2)

Along with these new ways of worship I will also inspire new ways to think – new paradigms, mindsets, revelation, and possibilities for understanding. I am going to inspire new resources for you to be able to walk in greater manifestation of my anointing, with greater power and greater acceleration. Even in areas where you’ve previously been defeated, I’m going to inspire new advancement so that nothing will be forbidden from you – nothing will be off limits. (3)

Even in areas of defeat I will restore, I will redeem, and I will take back what’s been stolen from you. Do not remember the defeat from days of old, but look to your future as you trust in me. (4)

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