I Will Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  January 22, 2020 —  Comments

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Today is a day to celebrate. Today is a day to enjoy the good nature, and to enjoy the victory. It is a day to recognize and appreciate all you have, and all you have accomplished. Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges and new concerns, but for today, reflect on all that I have done in your life, and enjoy and celebrate the goodness of my hand. (1)

As you reflect on your past, consider your future, and know as I have shown myself strong in your past I will surely also show myself strong in your future too. (2)

For I am revealing my heart to my children. I am showing my happiness and joy to you. There are days of weeping and days of sorrow, but my nature is to bring you through those times and to enter into a fullness of joy. (3)

I am a loving father, wanting only the best for you. It is my heart’s desire to restore you, to make you new, to bring you out of darkness and into the light. I want to pick you up out of your struggle and plant your feet on solid ground. My plans are to prosper you and set you in place to succeed. (4)

Surely there has been much struggle, much disappointment, and much delay. These things, though real, will seem small in comparison to the plans I have for you. Compared to the glory that will be revealed in you, these minor and light afflictions will not be counted as much. My hope will sustain you, my vision will sustain you, and my spirit will sustain you. (5)

As you drink of the new wine of my joy, you will not become weary in your well-doing. Continue to drink. Continue to participate with me in my joy and happiness, and know and trust I am with you day by day in the struggles and hard times. (6)

You are not alone. You are dearly loved.

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