I Will Teach You By My Spirit

Neil Vermillion —  February 8, 2019 —  Comments

As you sense me drawing close to you, know I am working to open your mind. And while I am working to open your mind to greater understanding of me, my ways, my plans, and my timing, I am also working to open your eyes and your ears too. I am working to open up your sensitivity to me so you can participate with me, commune with me, and share together with me in all things. For though you know me, there is still so much more in store for you to know and experience, and it is my desire to reveal all these things to you. (1)

Know as I continue to work, I will shake you up a bit, and push you past the previously conceived limits, in order to experience greater freedom and understanding of who I am, and what I have in store for you. I will continue to open your eyes to see. I will continue to reveal things to you so you can understand. When you feel you are lacking, I will give you more so you will experience my great provision and abundance. (2)

As you continue to seek me, and ask of me, I will continue to aid you along the way and help you understand me better and better as time goes by. I will help you understand the visions I am putting before your eyes. I will help you make sense of the confusion and bring clarity and confidence to your heart in all these matters. Even though I speak in riddles and parables at times, it is my plan to reveal the meanings to you, so you will not continue in confusion or hesitation. (3)

I will open your understanding to what you are hearing, in order to provide a paradigm for you to process it all. Even though I may speak slowly at times, and may be still at times, and even though I speak in metaphors and symbols, I am still revealing myself to you, as I reveal the mysteries I have in store for you.

As you have many questions, I have even more answers. As you do not understand certain things, I have greater understanding of all things, and am making it available to you. Know as you continue to hunger, I will feed you so you will be satisfied. I will fuel you, I will sustain you, I will propel you in all your pursuits in the things of me as you continue to remain faithful to the tasks and quests placed before you. (4)

Surely I will guide you on your quest as you see strange and foreign things. I will certainly guide you on your journey, as you hear and experience strange and foreign things. I will grant you understanding and wisdom so you can discern what is from me, and what is not from me. I will teach you to know me by my spirit, and to hear me by spirit, and the voice of another you will not follow. Trust as you are learning, for I am with you in the learning process, just as I always have been. You are in safe company, for there is no one who can pluck you out of my hands. (5)

There will come the day when not only will you see and hear me, and do so with understanding, but also a day when I will fill your mouth with my words. Many of you are my messengers, and many of you will be used as a mouthpiece to carry my words to those who have ears, yet do not listen. I will give you a message, and I will give you courage and boldness to endure and be faithful in delivering the message I have placed within your heart. (6)

It will require a great resolve within you. It will require great endurance. The task and the message given you will not come easily, not come quickly, and will most certainly not be convenient. But know and trust you will be assigned and divinely called to accomplish these things and to speak the message I have burned within your heart. Though you may fear, and even run away from it at times, my plans and my love will sustain you and keep you from hindering and abandoning the good plans I have for you. (7)

Know as I am opening your mind, eyes, ears, and even your mouth to speak my words, I am also opening your heart to receive my love. Those who are still hurting are in desperate need of my love and I will certainly give it to you. I will continue to give new measures of love so you can be generous on every occasion, as you continue to draw from the bottomless reservoir of my love in sharing with others. (8)

All of this is not only for others, but for yourself too. For I want you to experience all these things for your own sake as well. I want you to truly flourish in maturity and wholeness in every area of your life, in all your ways. So know as you continue to step out and to share, you will be filled and refilled again and again. The well will not run empty but will sustain you and refill you time and time again as you continue to pour out to others. (9)

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