I Will Wipe Away Every Tear

Neil Vermillion —  August 27, 2018 —  Comments

Allow me to intervene in your thought process as I impress the motives and issues of your heart to you in this day. You see your landscape from one position, but I see it from the perspective of eternity. You see yourself, from a logical perspective, limited and incomplete, but I see you contrast against the backdrop of eternity and all things eternal. I see your beginning and your end in addition to all things in between. I see you fully formed, fully matured, fully developed. I see your mistakes and am not disillusioned, overwhelmed, nor worried for you. (1)

I see all the goodness I have stored within you. I see the vast expanse of the full spectrum of the talents and desires, combined with the creativity and ingenuity to adapt and overcome. I see all these things, and know you will not only respond, but will enjoy the process as you come to encounter me, and come to fall in love with me, and all I am and all I offer you. I see what is hidden from your sight, and I know how it will develop. I see all you have misunderstood, and I know how it will impact you. I see all you hold on to, both the true and the untrue. I see your hopes and your plans. I see your goals and your desires, both clearly defined as well as those that are obfuscated and ambiguous.

My heart is overwhelmed in joy with all you do, for even in your mistakes you are growing. My heart is overwhelmed in the pleasure you present to me, for as you reach for answers, even in your irritation and offense, you are drawing your attention and appreciation closer to me, receiving me, and understanding me. I am glad to see you grow, for I know as you encounter all I have for you, in spite of the temporary and trivial difficulties along the way, you will be eternally delighted. You will be more than overwhelmed at the glory and majesty of all I have made, and am making, available to you including the knowledge and experience of who and what I am. (2)

Even in the dark days do not despair, even though the troubles are real they are but brief. They are real, but small in comparison to all you will come to know, touch, and perceive. Understand this and remember this, as you feel like giving up, and as you feel lost throughout the journey and development of your path. Walk the walk of faith, knowing everything has been engineered in your favor, even though it does not feel this way in the moment, and in the short term the circumstances and experiences you encounter may even deny this. (3)

All I am will most definitely be worthwhile to you, not only in the long term, for things in your distant future, but also in the short term, for the things of the here and now. I will wipe away every tear, and there will be no more pain. There will be no more lack, no more fear, no more hurt or heartache. For in my presence and fellowship there is fullness of joy and peace forever more. (4)

(1) Proverbs 16:9, Colossians 1:15-17
(2) Romans 8:28
(3) Romans 8:18, 1 Corinthians 2:9
(4) Revelation 21:4, Psalm 16:11

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