Identity Revealing The Worth Of Others

Neil Vermillion —  October 22, 2015 —  Comments

And as you also come to see yourself differently from the view of my perspective, you will also see those around about you differently too. For as you experience my delight about you, you will also be able to enjoy the delight I have for others too. And as you see yourself as more and more valuable, likewise you will also see those around you as more and more valuable too.

And in this way your world will be shaped and shifted. You will see yourself differently without a doubt, and as you do, you will also see all of the people around you differently as well. And this paradigm will shape and shift the way you see everyone in all the world. And for many of you this will be the direct answer to the questions you’ve asked of me. This will be the direct answer to how you are able to love your neighbor as you love yourself. This will be the direct answer how you are able to love your enemies.

And so with this understanding and perspective you will be given your answer. And not only will you possess your answer, but you will come to discover your answer possesses you. And as you see a new face in your mirror again and again, you will come closer and closer to the understanding of the reality I have presented before you, and you will realize you are blessed.

Even though this will be confusing and disagreeable to some, for different reasons, you will come to the place of embracing this perspective and seeing and knowing that my love knows no limits, knows no bounds, does not discriminate. For my love was demonstrated for all as an extravagant gift of love in order to reconcile the world back to myself. It is in the understanding of my demonstration you will come to see and know more closely from my own perspective, the value and worth of all my children, all my people, all who are dear to me.

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