In Me There Is No End Or Limit

Neil Vermillion —  November 3, 2015 —  Comments

For there is door after door and realm after realm available to you if you will continue to sit with me. There is no end to the revelation, no limit to the experience, no boundary to where you will travel, if you will continue to sit before me and drink in my presence. And as you do, as you continue to imbibe me, drink me in, and become intoxicated on my presence, you will grow in the knowledge and truth of, not only who I am, but also who you are in me as well.

And though you have an idea, you have only a small idea. And though you have a perspective, you have only a very, very small perspective. And as you allow me to broaden your scope, and widen your field of vision, you will continue to see yourself, and the world around you, so very differently than you do now. For I will open up perspective that is beyond your own natural ability to manufacture. I will bring you to places of knowledge you could never find on your own. I will bring you to highlight upon highlight of tips of revelation, some so delicate and minute they would be easily overlooked or ignored, and fill your heart with such awe and bliss in the very, very small details unable for your natural mind to detect.

But likewise, I will also bring you to the vast ocean upon ocean of knowledge. For in me there is no end, there is no limit. And as you sit before me and gaze upon me you will come to know me more and more and be in awe of who I am. For my ends have no beginning, and my beginning has no single point of origin. And you will never find my end, nor my beginning, but your appreciation of me will increase more and more. And I will open my very heart to you and you will find yourself lost in a universe of wonder, possibility, creativity, imagination, and power beyond anything you’ve known, or will ever know.

And all the lies, all the misunderstanding, all the deceptions, all the inadequate labels, constructs, and pigeon holes you’ve created and used for me will be exposed and melted away, removed and remembered no more as you encounter me more fully, more purely, more righteously, more directly. And you will see me, and I will embrace you, and we will be united in the harmony of our perfect union together. And we will be as one, joined together as in marriage. And this is the great mystery, how and why I would join myself to my creation in such a grand and extravagant manner, but it will be a reward to explore this mystery for all the ages as you continue to know me more and more. For in so many ways we are just beginning, just getting started.

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