In Spite Of Failures I Love You Still

Neil Vermillion —  November 24, 2015 —  Comments

As you seek me in my word, seek me in my ways, and seek me in my timing you will come to know different aspects of me time and time again. For you will know me, but you will also come to find I am not nearly as limited as you previously thought. For I am not limited. I am not confined. I am not hindered. In your seeking me you’ve presumed I am like you, but I am not. And as you discover this truth you will be surprised and amazed time and time again all the different aspects and greatness I possess.

Though you seek me purely, you seek me from your own limits, from your own mindsets, from your own experiences. But I am greater than all those. But even in your quest I am there. I am by your side, opening up understanding to you, pointing you in the right direction, though at times you resist and turn away. My hand is extended towards you in love and acceptance, not in harshness or anger. Even in your blindness I am helping you to find the right path, the right choice, the right timing, even the right relationships.

But though I speak you do not hear. Though I speak you do not listen. Though I send you messages and signals, hints and clues, you ignore and resist and pursue what you desire instead of receiving my truth. And even still I am by your side, waiting patiently, loving you patiently until you come to the end of your folly and awaken from your slumber. For you are blinded by your own desires, your own dreams, your own selfish goals and ambitions, and you ignore the very things that will save you, the things that will preserve you, the things that will cause you to flourish, mature, develop, and increase.

But even still I love you. Even in spite of your shortcomings you are my desire. You are my prize. For I have seen all these things and love you still. And though you miss the mark it has never swayed me from loving you. It has never discouraged me, disappointed me, or surprised me. And though you miss the mark I have never changed my love for you, never changed my plans for you, never gave up on you. For I see all these things and love you still.

For our union together has always been my plan for you. My plans for you have never been based on your performance, based on your own strength, or based your own righteousness. My plans for you have never been contingent on your success apart from me, but have always been as you realize your dependence on me. And these things were established and set in motion before the foundations of the world were laid, though no one knew it then. But in my heart nothing has ever changed. And all the surprises you encounter and experience have never surprised me. There is nothing new, nothing unforeseen, nothing that has caused me to alter my love or my plans for you, my Dear One.

While all of this may sound harsh to some, and even discouraging to others, understand that embracing this will liberate you from your own self-created idols. And in this place of liberation your heart and mind and emotions will be free. For you were created to abide in freedom. You were created to live in lightness, not heaviness. So embrace the understanding of what I have in store for you, for you will be delighted. You will be amazed. You will be excited as you continue to discover contentment and peace again and again, in greater measure than you even thought possible.

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