Your Individual Contribution To The Greater Good

Neil Vermillion —  February 15, 2018 —  Comments

Keep singing the song I have placed within your heart. Keep dancing the dance I have placed within your feet. Keep gazing upon the vision I have given you. Keep remembering the words I have spoken to your heart. Continue with these things, for they are not small. They will strengthen, guide, encourage and empower you. For what I have given you is spirit, and it is life, so do not discard it, nor reject it, because it is inconvenient, confusing, or incomplete, but know it is a small mustard seed, yet to be fully matured within you. (1)

In this way you will find I have opened every door set before you. I have unlocked the chambers, but have also invited you in. Do not presume that the trends and results of yesterday will be the same for today, nor tomorrow. Today is a brand new day full of excitement and anticipation, but also filled with possibility, potential, and success. Walk forward according to the notions I have given you, for sometimes the notions and sentiments I give to you will not be literal, but instead will guide, inspire, and compel you in vague and undefined ways. Do not be narrow in your focus, but remain open and flexible. Remain sensitive to the inspiration, but also the guidance and adjustment of my spirit. Be mindful of the task at hand, but also the individuals you will interact with around about you. (2)

I have not created you to function as a sole speck of dust in this world, but rather I have created you to function as a member of a society, community, and body at work. All you do, and don’t do, will impact those around about you whether for the good, or the bad. So embrace the responsibility I have set before you, knowing it is for you good. Embrace the responsibility of this day also for the call upon your life. Even though these things will start small, they will not remain small but will grow and flourish like a mustard seed, and its branches will reach into the lives of others. (3)

So in this way, the freedom, responsibility, and gifts given you will bring not only personal reward and advancement, but also will do the same for the greater good as well. What you will contribute may seem small in its initial inception, but over time, as you remain faithful, as your contribution continues to grow, the course of the process matures and develops, and as others receive your contribution, you will find the multiplication of what is in motion within you will astonish, surprise, and amaze you thoroughly.

So receive the foolishness of my wisdom, for the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom. Embrace what I have for you, and know it will be beyond wonderful, generous, and delightful not only for yourself, but for the greater good as well. (4)

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