Indulging In The Subtlety Of Tangents

Neil Vermillion —  August 23, 2018 —  Comments

In the days when you feel completely dry, empty, and exasperated beyond your ability to continue, reach out to me, talk with me, and allow me to assist you. You will discover how the underlying motivations of your heart, things so small and subtle you are not presently conscious of them, will begin to enter into your field of perception as I highlight these things and bring them to your awareness. In doing so I will shine my light of revelation and understanding upon you, so you will understand what is happening, but also how to dissect what is transpiring within your heart and mind, giving you greater insight and revelation into who you are.

There are more things transpiring within you simultaneously than you are aware of. There are desires and motives within your heart, buried too deeply for you to perceive, let alone identify, that influence you in both obvious, as well as subtle, ways. So allow me to guide your attention so you will be able to know what is happening within your own heart and mind, and equip you and empower you to better deal with what is also transpiring in your environment and reality, rather than continuing to misunderstand or be deceived. (1)

This process of letting me shine the light of revelation into your own heart will require humility to allow me to guide your attention and field of perception. It will require you to be willing to indulge in tangents that seem to be worthless, pointless, and unfruitful. But as you engage with me in this manner, I will bring you to a place of not only understanding, but also wholesome closure, healing, and reconciliation. As you become able to deal with these subtle trigger points and influences and make the needed adjustments throughout the journey of your life, you will find more joy, more hope, and more peace, as well as greater fulfillment in your endeavors time and time again. (2)

For these influences and motives do not end, nor go away, but many times they remain until they have been addressed, corrected, or adjusted. In the short term these issues, because they are small and trivial, seem to be a waste of time; however, in the long term this revelation proves to be especially valuable as I continue to help you fill in the cracks, and advance not only in the right direction, but in a righteous and wholesome manner, that is more enjoyable for you as well. (3)

Trust in me as I sing the songs of revelation to you, for they will do your heart good. Trust in me as you indulge in the luxury of my loving affections, and bathe yourself in the richness of my loving embrace, for I will soothe your weary heart. I will ease your troubled mind, and will do so not by denial of the issues you experience, from the past and the present, but by illuminating them for you. With this illumination you will begin to make valuable and lasting changes, no matter how many there may be, no matter how small they may seem. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:10-12
(2) Proverbs 3:5-6
(3) Psalm 23:5
(4) 1 Peter 5:7, Proverbs 16:9

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