Insights To Fully Possess Your Land

Neil Vermillion —  May 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have so much in store for you, so many ideas, so much revelation, so many adventures. I have more for you today than you can fully perceive and comprehend, let alone all I have in store for you tomorrow. I am the originator of ideas, possibilities, and potential. I am the source of all good things, the source of innovation, the source of creation and creativity. So with this in mind, allow me to speak to you, to give you insight, to give you new perspective, for in doing so you will begin to see not only yourself differently, but also your present and future circumstances too.

For as you see and discern the many wonderful things I have for you, your self-concept will become sharper. As you see the goals and adventures in store for your future, your understanding of today and tomorrow will also become sharper. As you understand who I am, and what I have made available to you, your inspiration and enthusiasm for today will not only increase, but will consume you and overtake you. For I have put so much within you, and so much before you, there is no way to count it all, or measure it all.

So trust in me in all these things, and in the things you’ve not yet even perceived, nor imagined, yet. For I will make all things available to you, and will continue to give you the preparation and insights and understanding needed in order to truly and fully possess your land.

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