Inspiration To Innovate And Create

Neil Vermillion —  October 27, 2016 —  Comments

There are times you seek strength. There are times you desire solutions. There are righteous needs within you that must be fulfilled, but in your zeal and pursuit allow me to guide you and to set the timing. I will be kind and I will be gentle, but also, I will be most excellent too. I will bring you to your fullest potential, even past your own capacity to accomplish and achieve. I will bring you to heights you can not fathom, through obstacles you can not climb, over enemies you can never defeat.

Though you desire strength, even for righteous reasons, allow me to guide you to my shadow. For I will speak to you in details and specifics that will awaken understanding as I grant you my perspective. And with this understanding you will no longer see as you did in your former way of living, having but one goal, one outcome, one agenda, and one method, but you will see the multifaceted timelines, aspects, and endeavors already initiated within you.

Through all these things I will also open up realms of understanding to you, especially regarding our relationship together. I will grant you insights that will illuminate details previously unnoted. I will highlight points you have not considered. I will guide your steps as I direct your attention to issues of importance and relevance. And through it all you will come to know me in a pure, righteous, and organic manner that will not only invigorate your everyday life, but will inspire you to continue to innovate and create as you grow and increase in your understanding and comprehension of what has truly been made available to you.

I know you desire to manufacture. I know you desire to artificially create. I know you want to have it all now, bypassing the natural and righteous process necessary. But in spite of all these blemishes, I will gently and patiently direct your steps time and time again, just as I always have. I will sit with you beside the still waters, and you will not even perceive my presence. I will feed you from my hand, and you will not even perceive I have given it to you. I will embrace you and protect you, and even still you will remain unaware of my involvement in your life.

But I do these things for you because I love you. I watch over you night and day, because I care for you. I think of you constantly because you are my most-prized possession. My heart yearns and burns for you because you are so dearly, and completely loved. So it matters not to me, the details you use to disqualify and accuse yourself, for I have remedied them all already. It matters not to me the lines you draw in the sand as you condemn yourself, and your neighbor, for I am the tide that has washed them all away. It matters not to me the context in which you present your arguments, for I have answered and overcome them all already, even above and beyond what you know, perceive, or comprehend.

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