Intimate Friendship and Union Together

Neil Vermillion —  November 1, 2016 —  Comments

And as you have heard it said, “today is a day of new beginnings” know I have said these things to you sincerely and honestly. And though you have heard such things before do not allow your heart to grow cold or cynical. Do not allow yourself to become so skeptical you no longer hear, nor receive, what I am saying to you in the moment. For though the course is long, it is not too long for you to endure. Though there are surprises along the way, there is nothing that cannot be overturned, redeemed, or corrected.

So look to me day after day afresh, in spite of disappointments of your past, and allow my heart to speak to you plainly. Allow my spirit to speak to you openly and receive all I have for you. For your daily bread will surely be given you, and done so when you need it most. For I have not forgotten you, and I will never neglect you. I will continue to set my gaze upon you, focusing on you minute by minute with unwavering faithfulness. And though you have questions, doubts, and disappointments, do not let your heart grow cold. Do not allow the flame of your first love to dwindle and die, being smothered by day to day responsibilities and cares of this world.

For though these things are very real, and the loss, and confusion, and setbacks you experience are also very real, so also is my agenda to redeem and restore very real. And my capacity for leadership and redemption is far greater than what you could experience, and far greater than what you could ever comprehend or imagine. So do not assess my plans from a limited perception, for you will do so incorrectly. Do not evaluate my agenda based on your own limited perspective for you do not possess adequate perspective to do so accurately, with clarity.

I say all these things not to rebuke you, but to encourage you. I remind you of these things not because I am angry with you, but because I desire for you abide in security, confidence, and clarity. I desire to make the crooked path straight and all the hills and obstacles to be leveled and removed. I desire for you to be aware of this process so your heart will trust and you will rest in peace at all times, even in spite of your present circumstances and surroundings.

I am not one to lead you to your own demise. I am not one to deceive you, but rather my heart’s desire is to reveal to you the truth already made available to you, to help you recognize and know and possess the reality of what’s already been afforded you in such a grand and extravagant manner. I will continue to open up all these things to you and you will know me in greater intimacy and detail than you have before, even greater than you thought would ever be possible.

And you will dine at my table, and we will walk together in the cool of the evening, hand in hand in our close, intimate friendship and union together. For you are in me, and I am in you, and the reality of this truth is continuing to unfold before your eyes. And though you do not fully understand what this means, over the course of time you will come to more closely understand it as I continue to reveal to you, time and time again, in loving patience, what our union together truly means for you.

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